An Old Dungeon Reimagined.

A decade ago, the holy armies brought Light to the land and purified it with scorching Sun, Fire and Lightning. Now a sinister force stirs from the black pits in which it hid. Clad in Darkness it prowls the land. Safety is but an illusion for it watches from every shadow and ponders its next targets. Here along the boundary of Light and Darkness, fire is used by more than those who revere the Angels … for fire was the first tool of the demons.

Join the quest to free the small trade village of Villa Vensu Portas (which rests about the bridge near the headwaters of Abha Ornin River and just three leagues from the headwaters of the Abha Nimhig River) of the once banished darkness. Evil broods and grows beneath ruined forts and temples. This is your chance to stand with the forces of Light, feel its glory, and shine its radiance into the hidden shadows. Face the terrors and smash the forces of Evil once more.

Knights of Angels and Days of Yore